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ABC Mouse

ABC Mouse logoThe Gleason Memorial Library is proud to announce our newest educational resource, ABC Mouse.

ABC Mouse is an interactive and engaging resource with over 3,500 fun-filled learning activities for children ages 2 to 7. Educational concepts are presented in a variety of ways to reinforce the content, all while kids have fun learning.

** Please note that ABC Mouse can only be accessed in the library through one of our computers.

Within ABC Mouse, there are 5 main curriculum-based themes geared toward children between the ages of 2-7. These activities are designed to help kids develop a stronger learning foundation as they progress through school.  Explore the site or watch this brief YouTube video on ABC Mouse to learn more.

The 5 curriculum themes are:

  • Reading – Print, phonics, sight words, etc.
  • Math – Number sense, patterns, counting to 100, etc.
  • Art – Primary & secondary colors, shades, paint-by-number activities
  • World Around Us – Weather, geography, biology, etc.
  • Music – Song styles, classic children’s songs, twenty A to Z music videos

How do you start?

You can create an account, and track up to 3 children on one account. You’ll create an avatar for the parent and each child, as well as select a pet fish, pet hamster and receive a small stash of gifts to put in your virtual home.  If you don’t want to create an account, simply choose an avatar you enjoy and start playing!

How does it work?

Once you have created your account, you create a learning path for your age. For young children not yet in preschool, there is Toddler Time with age appropriate activities and features.

As your child completes an activity, they are awarded “tickets” that can be redeemed for virtual prizes (clothes for the avatar, décor for their virtual rooms). The site keeps track of what your child has completed so you can get a sense for what they are learning.

What do you do?

Explore worlds of games, activities, puzzles and features suited for your child based on their age and learning needs.

  • Classroom: This is one place to start the child’s learning path. Follow the dots on the map to different topics, activities and games.
  • My Learning Path: Offers a guided path to learning the alphabet, math, science, art, and geography through games, puzzles, songs, and activities to reinforce what your child is learning, seeing, and hearing with age appropriate features and materials.
  • Zoo: Games and Activities from Pre-K to Kindergarten. This space also features books, puzzles, games, art, and music to reinforce what the child is seeing and hearing in these lessons.
  • Map: Another way to explore ABC Mouse. Explore an interactive map of the all the different features and highlights of the program. Read in the library, learn at the school, visit Toddler Time for stories, songs, puzzles, and art.
  • Farm: See animals or play games and activities to learn about farm animals.
  • See What’s New: Provides different activities based on upcoming holidays and events.
  • Things to Do: Offers a more academic view of the basic concepts of learning (the alphabet, shapes, sizes, numbers, and more).

Stop by the library and get ready to learn and play today!