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Unboxing Day Arrived for Our Pilcrow Books!

Gary Unboxing 2018 19 Pilcrow booksThe Gleason Memorial Library is happy to announce we have received the books from The Pilcrow Foundation Children’s Book Project grant.  The grant is a 2-to 1 matching grant with the Pilcrow Foundation and Drs. Bill Strawbridge and Meg Wallhagen of California providing $800.00 and the Friends of the Gleason Memorial Library, as our sponsor, providing $400.00 from their annual “Death by Chocolate” fundraiser. In addition, to the 70 books selected from the Pilcrow grant, we received 23 math and science books, an additional $405.97 donation, from Hal Berenson and Laura Ackerman of Colorado and 6 titles, equaling a $92.74 donation, from the Maurice’s Valises series donated by Mouse Prints Press for a grand total of 99 new books to add to our collection worth $1708.34.

There are picture books, chapter books, young adult books and non-fiction books – something to suit everyone!  We were especially happy to be able to select some great titles, both fiction and non-fiction that will support our June 2019 Summer Reading Program Space theme “A Universe of Stories” celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing.

The Pilcrow Foundation was founded in 2013 to continue the work of The Libri Foundation, supporting rural public library communities through the Children’s Book Project.  They ask that libraries, in partnership with the Friends of the Library or other local sponsors,  raise one third of the funds used to purchase the new books to build community investment in children’s literacy and the library’s future. The new books provided through the Children’s Book Project become part of the library’s permanent children’s book collection, thus ensuring children’s access to quality books for years to come.