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2019 Death by Chocolate a Success

2019 Death by Chocolate crowd 2Much appreciation to everyone who came out to support the library despite the freezing, drizzly weather .  Between our DBC lunch, our tablet raffle and other donations we raised $2613 which will provide our $400 match to the Pilcrow Children’s Book Project grant as well as providing funding for our summer reading program and other projects.   Thank you to so many people who donated such wonderful chocolate desserts.  We could not do this with their support.  I really want to thank board member Frances Ann Jackson and assistant Librarian Des Allen plus her husband and son Leland, and Cabot for putting the tables and chairs out this year and everyone who voluntarily stayed to take everything down and work cleanup.  Our library board members, Pam Bell, Donna Butler, Mary Grace, Frances Ann Jackson and Lisha Scifres not only made desserts but also put together the croissant sandwiches, and made time for taking care of the prep work that has to be done to put an event together..  Pam manned the ice cream sundae table again while Donna took care of the chocolate fountain.  Mary, Frances Ann, and Lisha made sure that the tables stayed supplied with sandwiches, chips, and most importantly desserts.  I hope I haven’t left anyone out but here is our list of donors this year – Des Allen, Malane Grace, Cindy Hildebrant, Donna Hildebrant, Betty Howard, Brenda Longest, Mariah Martin, Anna Kay McGowan, Kay Moore,  Pat Sullivan and Geree Thompson.

There were 48 winners from grades 1-6 in the PTO Book Report Fair Poster Contest.  Each winner was invited to Death by Chocolate to see their posters on display with their lunch paid for by the PTO.