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Thank You!

2018 Death by Chocolate crowd 3A big thank you to everyone in our community for supporting Death by Chocolate.  We raised about $1700!  The board members were phenomenal at getting everything organized and  decorated.  Dakota Zachary’s Ag Class set up all of the tables and chairs.  Jerry Dillard donated the roast beef for Frances Ann Jackson’s fantastic roast beef spread sandwiches.  Delicious chocolate contributions came in from Desiree Allen, Dona Brooks, Malane Grace, Mary Grace, Retha Grant, Donna Hildebrant, Betty Howard, Frances Ann Jackson, Summer Lester, Brenda Longest, Shirley McCartney, Anna Kay McGowan, Angel Martin, Kay Moore, Lisha Scifres, and Geree Thompson.  Pam Bell was in charge of the Ice Cream Sundae table while Donna Butler operated the Chocolate Fountain.  Mary Grace and Frances Ann Jackson made sure the tables were stocked with goodies and sandwiches. Desiree Allen, Jennifer Branch, Malane Grace, Biff Jackson, Al Schneider, and Leaha Stroud, helped with the cleanup.

Kay Moore was the lucky winner of the Kindle Fire tablet.

Please let me know if I missed anyone, it only takes a moment for me to get distracted and not notice I forgot to add to my thank you list!